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Street lights in the dark in Snohomish, WA.

Night Lights

Isaac Simonson, Journalist November 22, 2023

     Darkness can create a great backdrop for photos that have an emphasis on lights. These photos focus on that contrast between light and dark by showing how awesome city lights look at night.   ...

Natural Beauty of Washington State: The October Gallery

Isaac Simonson, Journalist October 26, 2023

All photos were taken in Lake Stevens. Originally, I planned to use some photos I went and took at Deception Pass, however, due to technical problems, the photos were unusable. As the photographer,...

A Dogs Daily Routine

A Dog’s Daily Routine

Lilly Dillon, Journalist January 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered what a dog does each day? If dog's create a stable routine? If they ever observe what humans do each day, and incorporate a human's routine into their practice? After I followed...

The collection of magazines/books that fills the room of Kali Crandall, which is getting bigger and bigger to this day.

Fans of Harry Styles

Kali Crandall, Journalist January 13, 2023

Harry Styles is one of the most popular artist of this generation, he has millions of fans across the world, here is some visuals of their love for him.

A lone Cup Noodle sits on the
kitchen island. (Addison Bowen)

An Ode to Cup noodle

Addison Bowen, Journalist January 13, 2023

Cup Noodles are a easy, accessible and tasty food that many people enjoy, this series  of photos will slow down and really showcase the steps It takes to  make a Cup Noodle.

A photo of Paine Field Airport with some festive decorations (4:40 AM PST on December 5th, 2022) (Nara Mapp).

A Day in the Life of a TSA Agent

Nara Mapp, Journalist January 13, 2023

TSA, also known as Transportation Security Administration, was established in 2001 after the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001 to prevent any and all future attacks. The slideshow will show the daily routine...

Cavelero Student Olivia King eats a slice of pizza with olives at lunch while enjoying the company of friends. (October 14, 2022 Nickolas Jenkins Morales)

Friends in the moment

Nick Jenkins Morales, Journalist January 13, 2023

Friends mean a lot to me and I decided to take pictures of my friends for this project of them just in the moment.

The road with cracks that you can see that were once there. The lake reflecting the other side of the lake. With it being a blue sky but freezing cold. Running at a steady pace but can’t stop to even take a minute to look at the beauty before them. December 5th, 2022 3:48 PM.

The Beautiful Views while running

Isa Ha'ani San Luis, Journalist January 13, 2023

The views Lake Stevens are amazing through the day. This series of colorful skies and beautiful views were taken while running around Lake Stevens.

On December 6th 2022  Coach Jerard Rabb and Coach Ryder Kavanagh watch the Freshman run a play they will use in a game in their practice that night.  (pc:Cora Quintel)

Freshman Boys Basketball

Cora Quintel, Journalist January 13, 2023

Cavelero freshman basketball working hard in practice to show their skill on the court.

The door leading to the classroom of Laurie Yoshihara, or as her students call her “Mrs. Yoshi.”

Bombarding Mrs.Yoshi’s Classroom

Ellie Tredway, Journalist January 13, 2023

Cavelero students enjoy Laurie Yoshihara's company and she enjoys theirs. In the following photos you will see what happens when Mrs. Yoshihara lets her students come into her classroom before class to...

After a long day of traveling, a family walks through the airport to meet their soon-to-be in-laws in Nevada.

Traveling Nevada

Paige Smallwood, Journalist January 13, 2023

This photojournalism project is about my family traveling to Nevada to celebrate the first granddaughter's wedding. These photos capture beautiful moments at the wedding as well as celebrating the wedding...

Griffey takes a “selfie” in a pile of laundry.

Griffey The Cat

Chad Greaby, Journalist January 13, 2023

Griffey is an interesting Cat but a fun one. In these photos, you will see some of my favorite moments of her 7 year life.

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