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(From left to right) Siblings Chewy, Prim and Wendy play with their toys. Chewy and Wendy fight over a snowman toy while Prim stares concerningly. (Avery Colinas)

A Day with Boston Terriers

Avery Colinas, Journalist December 13, 2023

Boston Terriers go through extreme bouts of the energy then into long moments of relaxation, which makes them perfect for people who want an active dog and people who want a chill dog, but it can also...

Allison Moore shares her drink with Avery Schildt after running into each other in Leavenworth on December 8th, 2023. Moore states that “friendship means sharing with the ones who you care the most about” (Liah Campbell).

Leavenworth Band and Choir Trip 2023: Where Friendships Bloom

Liah Campbell, Journalist December 13, 2023

Every year, the Cavelero bands and choirs take their annual trip to Leavenworth during the Leavenworth Tree Lighting Festival. This year, the two groups went to the festival on December 8th, 2023, and...

A group of friends spend a night under the stars sleeping together on a trampoline that ended up being more snug than they originally thought. In the picture some people are trying to get their beauty rest while others are doing more hyperactive things. A friend says, “It felt like we were a human pretzel.” (Juliana Manley).

Friends Through the Layers

Juliana Manley, Journalist December 13, 2023

Friends are the people you care and trust: your found family. They bring you joy, make you laugh, and feel like you belong. They are the people you create memories with and the people you can be yourself...

During a late night in the summer, this sunset was captured at the Suncadia Resort. The golden hour is such a beautiful time of day, but its over in a flash. Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. - Richard Paul Evans

Golden Hour

Andi Heininger, Journalist/Photographer December 13, 2023

Despite the dreary weather in store for the next few months, there is always at least one time of day when you can see a ray of sunshine. The Golden Hour is the time surrounding sunset, and is usually...

December 1st, 2023, 3:17 PM -
29 sugar cookies shaped, baked, and cooled for the sole purpose of later decoration and even later distribution. To ensure the icing and sprinkle decorations don’t melt off the cookies, they have to cool for an hour or so.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Leyla Johnson, Journalist December 13, 2023

This holiday season, Cavelero student Charli Wilkins and I worked to bring not only joy to our loved ones homes, but also cookies. On December 1st, more than two dozen sugar cookies were baked, decorated,...

At the Holiday Maker Fair, booths line the hallways, commons, and cafeteria with displays of unique craftsmanship. One display was particularly festive as it shows many Christmas decorations and doodahs. In the festive spirit there is a sign above the archway saying “Believe” to bring a little holiday magic to those passing by.

Holiday Maker Fair Flair

Ainsley Davis, Journalist/Photographer December 13, 2023

On December 2nd, 2023, artists and craftsmans gathered at Cavelero Mid-High School to sell their unique products. Many people came to the event and celebrated the holidays, while the Cavelero band talently...

Willow and Oakley take a nap after they had a long day of playing together. Although they fight pretty much about everyday they still find a way to bond with each and other and they do this by snuggling up and sleeping. They usually take a nap about fivetimes a day hogging the blankets of course. (Paris Guerrero)

Oakley and Willow the doodles

Paris Guerrero, journalist December 13, 2023

Pets can play a really important role in your life. They can be your best friend but they can also be a handful at times. Pets are great to keep good company. You grow up with them, as you see them grow...

Friends share an embrace at the beginning of another school day at Cavelero Mid High. Each morning before school, a group of students meets at the same table in the commons and shares hugs and friendly greetings as each person arrives. Most are met with a yawn after a late night studying, so a hug sometimes feels like the next best thing to a coffee pick-me-up.

Reminders of Love

Lucy Gray, Journalist December 13, 2023

As the holidays approach, it can be easy to get lost in a jumble of wants and needs, making lists of every goodie you want stuffed in your stocking or wrapped under a tree. However, love doesn’t only...

Dylan Arends dancing in front of the Christmas Tree. Taken on December 3rd 2023 by Eliy Arends.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Eliy Arends, Journalist/Photographer December 13, 2023

I decided that for my first Photojournalism project, I should take pictures of my family's process of decorating the Christmas Tree. In this process, our photographer had a snowflake thrown at them...

Street lights in the dark in Snohomish, WA.

Night Lights

Isaac Simonson, Journalist November 22, 2023

     Darkness can create a great backdrop for photos that have an emphasis on lights. These photos focus on that contrast between light and dark by showing how awesome city lights look at night.   ...

Natural Beauty of Washington State: The October Gallery

Isaac Simonson, Journalist October 26, 2023

All photos were taken in Lake Stevens. Originally, I planned to use some photos I went and took at Deception Pass, however, due to technical problems, the photos were unusable. As the photographer,...

A Dogs Daily Routine

A Dog’s Daily Routine

Lilly Dillon, Journalist January 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered what a dog does each day? If dog's create a stable routine? If they ever observe what humans do each day, and incorporate a human's routine into their practice? After I followed...

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