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Climbing The Ladder

A guide through high school, as told by each grade level
(Liah Campbell)
LSHS pep band hype up 9th grade students with banging drums, headbanging, and fabulous candances.

Going up to the high school can easily feel very intimidating. The prospect of choosing a college is on the horizon, and sometimes it seems as if you’ll never get there. But it’s these high school years that will guide you to success. So it’s a good idea to be prepared and know what to expect, and what better way to do so than through advice from upperclassmen? 

Freshman year at Cavelero can, honestly, be a little annoying. Being graded as a high schooler yet treated as a middle schooler is super difficult to balance every day. Not to mention there’s a powerful sense of eagerness to be at the high school, instead of being stuck here in limbo.  Sometimes this added stress isn’t always fully communicated to teachers, which makes life even more frustrating. To this, Freshman Mikaila Valm says “you’re not always going to have the most understanding teachers, and you need to know how to accommodate to the way they’re gonna respond to things.” Fortunately, after one year at Cavelero, you can get to know most of the teachers before your next year. For your freshman year, building relationships with both your classmates and your teachers can make pushing through this middle ground a little easier. Another thing that nobody warns you about is burnout. There are so many more opportunities you get to have when you’re in 9th grade, but with those opportunities comes equal difficulty to balance things like grades and transportation. Burnout happens to most of us, especially when you least expect it, and it may seem impossible to escape, but it will get better. Through all the bad comes a refresh at the high school, all you have to do is finish strong at Cavelero. 

During the Pep Assembly, LSHS Principal Mrs. Ivelia asked students to stand if certain statements applied to them. Pictured are the students standing if they participated in sports this year.
(Lucy Gray)

In our school district, sophomore year is the year where you’re introduced to the real high school. It can be confusing, and with the school being so big and there being so many opportunities, it’s hard to find where you fit in. But you’re not alone. When asked about all the activities she tried this year, LSHS Sophomore and cheerleader Brooklynn Darling says “I took this year to figure out the school and find my place.” Some kids know exactly what they want to do as soon as high school comes. But there’s no rush to find it right away. You have plenty of time to find your people and the clubs or activities where you can have the most fun. 


Junior year is noted as being the hardest year in your high school career. Understandable, considering you have college decisions to make and major tests to take. That’s why it’s really important to stick with the path you started, because that will ultimately set you up for the most success. “I wish people encouraged me to stay in the advanced classes…it would’ve helped (me) get more college credits while I was in high school,” quotes Gavin Ketchum, Junior, wrestler, and Jazz Choir Member at LSHS. Remaining on the right level of difficulty is extremely important during junior year, because it’s ultimately going to be better if you stay in all those classes so getting into college can be easier. And finding that perfect balance between challenging yourself without an overload of anxiety will be hard, but getting the credits you can will ultimately be worth it. 

Senior Cheerleaders lead in a cheer at the 9th Grade Pep assembly.
(Lucy Gray)


And once junior year is done, you’ve made it to the long awaited senior year. It may not be totally stress free; senior photos, getting your cap and gown, applying for scholarships, all while staying organized can become increasingly difficult. But it’s also full of fun and time to connect. Senior, Actor, and Jazz Choir member at LSHS Jessica Morgan reminds upcoming seniors to “Enjoy it! My senior year has been the best year for me because I let myself enjoy the last moments with my peers.” With all to come with your senior year, over all the stress comes opportunity: “Do all of those things that you have wanted to do because this is your final year to really just be a kid.” A good idea is to save the big dances and events, like Prom, for senior year, so you can really savor it. Once you’re in senior year, skipping events will be so much harder because it’s your “last chance,” so skip events while you’re young and still can. Maintaining your education is always important, but staying true to yourself and enjoying your last few months with some of your friends is really what’s going to make the final stretch the best part of your senior year. 

Sophomore Maisy Wagner and Junior Annslea Bixler pose for a photo among the crowd of students. (Lucy Gray)


Traversing your high school years can be stressful, confusing, and difficult, but everyone has the power to make it through. As Senior Katy Menzel said: “Working towards your goals can be incredibly challenging, but keep going and don’t give up. It’ll be worth while in the end.”

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(Liah Campbell)
(Liah Campbell), Journalist
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