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A Deep Dive into the 2024-2025 Freshmen ASB Council Officers

Liah Campbell
(From left to right) President Ozzie Bates, Secretary Faith Jackson, Vice President Bella Granados, and Treasurer Ella Harden pose for a picture.

On March 20th, the 8th-grade students of Cavelero Mid High had an opportunity to vote for their 2024-2025 ASB council. Four officers were elected for four different positions: Ozzie Bates as President, Isabella Granados as Vice President, Faith Jackson as Secretary, and Ella Harden as Treasurer. Here is more information about each position and the new Cavelero ASB Officers!

What is the ASB Council? According to ASB advisor and leadership teacher Mrs. Hereth, the Associate Student Body Council is “a group of elected students made up of four 8th-grade senators and five 9th-grade senators, and the ABS President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.” Each council member has different responsibilities, but they all have a unified goal of trying to make our school a better place. Together, the ASB “approve budgets, come up with new ideas for school improvements, help plan student events, and help organize class fundraisers”, Hereth says. Each year, the 8th-grade students of Cavelero vote for their four upcoming officers. Here is a deeper dive into the specifics of each position and each Officer who was elected for the position.

The President of the ASB council is responsible for enforcing the ASB constitution and leading meetings. The President has to serve the administration, school board, and community and work with the student body to resolve problems and deliver ideas to the ASB meetings. For the 2024-2025 school year, students elected Ozzie Bates as President. Bates has been involved in ASB for a few years, as he had a leadership position in elementary school and did ASB all through middle school. He was also ASB President at Northlake in 7th grade. Bates shared that he is “excited for next year and having the opportunities to lead assemblies.”

The Vice President, Isabella Granados, is in charge of fulfilling the duties of the others in their absences. Hereth said that it is important for the Vice President to “be able to step into any position if there are any absences.” In her interview, Granados said she assists the council by “helping make decisions for the school along with other ideas and budgeting.” When asked what motivated her to run for her position, she shared, “I wanted to be involved in making the school better and helping people because I like making a difference.” Granados also later said that she didn’t have a specific plan about what she wanted to do for the school, but if students “had something that they weren’t enjoying or unhappy with something, I would try to make a plan for that and solve it.”

For the next school year, Faith Jackson was elected Secretary, a crucial role in the ASB council. The Secretary is in charge of taking notes for all regular, special, and executive meetings. What makes this job even more important is that “ASB is a regulated organization and we have to report to the state organization (after every meeting),” Hereth says. She also explained that the Secretary has to “keep documented notes of anything that we vote on and anything that we approve.” During an interview with Jackson, she said, “I want to make it a better place and a more fun place to go.” Jackson is extremely excited to work for the school and especially excited to be “Making new relationships with my peers, and getting to know other people as well as the position and what it’s about.”

The Treasurer has an extremely important job, as they “oversee all the financial matters of ASB,” according to Mrs. Hereth. Ella Harden, who was a Treasurer in 7th grade at North Lake Middle School, was elected as Treasurer for the next school year. During an interview with Harden, she shared what she does as Treasurer: “I look at all the funds that are transferred between clubs and administration. For example, If a teacher wants to buy more supplies they have to go through me to approve it.” Harden also said she plans to “make more events and fundraisers” such as “more dances and outside-of-school events.” She then plans to “use the concessions money as ASB funds to get more jerseys, club supplies, and classroom supplies.”Along with this, she also shared that she is extremely excited to work with everyone in ASB.

All the candidates are very qualified and have worked hard for their positions. Hereth spoke very highly of the officers, saying, “I feel that these four have the passion to try to make this school a better place”, and there is no doubt that they will execute their jobs perfectly. She also added, “I am always really excited about having students who are excited about participating… and making our school a better place.” All four of the officers and the entirety of the ASB council will undoubtedly do an excellent job. To learn more about the ASB officials that will be representing LSHS next year, check out Leyla Johnson’s article, A Deep Dive into the 2024-2025 Sophomore ASB Council Officers.

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