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A collage of Hay Shack workers standing outside of the now-shuttered Hay Shack.

Cavelero Recently Closed Student Store: The Hay Shack

Kaysa Banks, Journalist March 22, 2024

A student store says a lot about a school: how it provides convenience, fundraising, educational opportunities, community building, and support for school programs. Without it, all these items cease to...

Jodi Hildebrant and Ruby Franke will 
Now serve the time they were assigned
In prison (which is 30 years each)for the abuse that they caused
To those pure and innocent children. Many individuals said that 
They abused them for fame. (picture credits:

Inside the Ruby Franke Controversy; Utah citizen arrested in August 2023

Paris Guerrero, journalist March 22, 2024

Youtuber Ruby Franke, a 42 year old woman from the state of Utah got arrested in August of 2023. She ran a family Youtube channel with her husband Kevin Franke. The channel was known as “8 Passengers”;...

Cavelero Finals are 1/24 - 1/26. Students have multiple finals to prepare for.

Finals: What to Expect and How to Prep

Ainsley Davis, Journalist January 22, 2024

Tick… Tick… Tick…! My pencil races across the paper, I have one goal only and it's to complete this final. Bringggg! The bell shouts out just as I turn in my paper. I either aced this final or bombed...

Undated photo of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard as shown in HBOs Mommy Dead And Dearest

Gypsy Rose: From Tragedy To Triumph

Leyla Johnson, Journalist January 22, 2024

On December 28, 2023, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from Chillicothe Correctional Center after serving eight and a half years for the murder of her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard. At first...

Cavelero logo

Israel and Palestine conflict

Paris Guerrero, journalist November 30, 2023

Israel and Palestine update, November 2023 The context of what's happening in Israel and Palestine explained. These past few months have been very rough for both Palestine and Israel. On October,...

Lake Stevens school buses at the bus barn in the early morning.

Commute Commotion

Hannah Zimmer, Journalist November 30, 2023

The bus cancellations have been causing a commotion in the Lake Stevens School District recently. Because the district does not have enough bus drivers and has a lot of students in the school system, district...

A look behind the dress code

A look behind the dress code

August Barbee, Journalist November 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered how the dress code is decided? What makes teachers decide to dress code you? What happens when you get dress coded? Here's a look on the inside.   Firstly, the dress code...

Student text books

Highs and lows

Alysah Burkett, Journalist November 22, 2023

Stress is an inevitable part of a high schooler's life. Freshman year and onward finds students burdened by the demands of academics, social relationships, familial obligations, and countless other things....

Canva, Avery Colinas

A.I.’s Effects on the World and Education

Avery Colinas, Journalist November 22, 2023

In recent years, advancements in artificial intelligence have picked up immensely. Now people are using it for anything from adding fake extras into movies to cheating on tests. This has been an ongoing...

Cavelero students (left to right) Juliana Manley, Amanda Pfiester, Liah Campbell, Andi Heininger, line up in costumes for school dance (2022) Photo courtesy of Shannon Heininger

Cav to Cancel Halloween Costumes

Lucy Gray, Journalist October 26, 2023

One year ago, Cavelero students were allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school. On a specially decided day, you could walk the halls in your Halloween costume for the whole school to see. This year,...

Louis, has been at Purrfect Pals since 2015 (Courtesy of Crystal Chiechi Purrfect Pals)

Animal Shelters Continue to Struggle to Find Home for Their Animals

Avery Colinas, Journalist October 26, 2023

Millions of animals enter shelters in the US every year, but not even close to as many get adopted. Instead they spend all day every day sitting in a shelter. Shelter staff try their best but it’s impossible...

Cavelero logo

The Freshmen Formal

Alysah Burkett, Journalist October 26, 2023

The giggles in the dressing rooms as you try on multiple dresses trying to find the “perfect” one, weeks in advance. Friends gather to get ready together as the night slowly approaches. The sun is...

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