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Oakley and Willow the doodles

Pets can play a really important role in your life. They can be your best friend but they can also be a handful at times. Pets are great to keep good company. You grow up with them, as you see them grow they see you grow up too. This slideshow of photos will show who my pets are and what they like to do on a day to day basis.

I, Paris Guerrero as a journalist give you the permission to use these images for you to use them for any purpose.

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  • Willow, dressed in her favorite pink outfit, looks offscreen at what trouble Oakley was up to. Willow was less of a troublemaker when she was small; she was also about 7 months In this picture and as you can tell her hair was way different now then It was then. Her facial features have also changed in the past year. (October 4th, 2022) (Paris Guerrero)

  • Oakley as a cute puppy. As you can see, Oakley was a lot smaller and his hair was less curly. If you notice you can see he has a white birthmark in the center of his chest, At the time of this photo 9September 14th, 2022), Oakley was about 7 months old, and had only been our puppy for a few months. He looked very shy and you could actually see his eyes. Paris Guerrero)

  • Oakley lays on his favorite blanket and plays with his favorite Christmas toy. (December 6th, 2023 6:23 PM)Oakley looks way different from his Sister Willow as you can see, but they both act the exact same. Oakley is very energetic and playful and he loves treats. He especially likes when all the attention is on him. You can barely even see his eyes because of how curly his hair is but that’s what makes him unique. (Paris Guerrero)

  • Willow and Oakley take a nap after they had a long day of playing together. Although they fight pretty much about everyday they still find a way to bond with each and other and they do this by snuggling up and sleeping. They usually take a nap about fivetimes a day hogging the blankets of course. (Paris Guerrero)

  • My dog Willow looks at me with her puppy eyes as I hold the TV remote because she wants to chew on It even though she has destroyed four remotes already. (December 6th,2023 at 5:43 PM)Dogs can be so much work sometimes but they can be a good companion. Willow loves to play, fight with her Brother, eat and sleep. Whenever she doesn’t get her way she will always give you her puppy eyes like In the image above and she loves to follow everyone around the house. Above you can see she’s a Goldendoodle but her fur Is different than her Brother and way less curly. (Paris Guerrero)

  • Willow eats from her bowl, which is what she loves to do all day. Willow can be full of energy but on other days all she will do is eat and sleep typically what a dog loves to do. Whenever she eats she always makes a mess as you can see above and we always have to clean up after her mess. She also likes to pick out the chicken pieces is on her food which is why there’s food on her mat. (Paris Guerrero)

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hi, my name is Paris Guerrero. this is my first year at Cavelero and i am a 9th grade journalist here. some things that i enjoy doing are spending time with my family and going shopping. outside of school i enjoy cooking, spending time w my dogs, and listening to music.

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