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Soccer player Elline Campbell practices kicking the ball, though I dont know what for. Photo courtesy of Elline Campbell.

Why soccer is not a sport

Liah Campbell, Journalist April 1, 2024

Despite popular belief, soccer is just a joke that should not be recognized as a sport. People who believe soccer is a sport have an obvious lack of judgment. In this article, follow along as I, a fan...

Me, disappointed, posing in front of posters for movies Ive never seen.

Movies Nobody Asked For

Lucy Gray, Journalist April 1, 2024

With so many new movies coming out, it’s really difficult to pick and choose what to watch and what to avoid. Luckily, I’ve made a devout list to help you with this decision. Take a look at four hot...

This is the Tesla, model x plaided edition. When the Tesla is at 100% it has the millage of 326. This Tesla is also $ 94,990.

Drawbacks of Electric Cars in Today’s Automotive World

Hannah Zimmer, Journalist March 22, 2024

Electric cars are not as environmentally friendly as we think. While electric cars offer environmental benefits, there seems to be some non useful and negative effects coming out of it. In fact, a study...

Student experiencing stress while attempting to complete absurd amount of homework.

No success for student stress

Ainsley Davis, Journalist/Photographer March 22, 2024

Despite the opinions of adults, teenagers have a lot more to their lives than what's on the surface. Students are balancing so many things on their shoulders; this list of things includes attending school...

The energy drink aisle in Tom Thumb, a popular pit stop for teens before school.

Slaying the Monster

Teagan Barnum, Journalist March 22, 2024

When walking through the halls of Cavelero, there’s always a few students cracking open cans of various energy drinks. Although the students select these beverages with the intention of improving their...

American flag in classroom (Avery Colinas)

Why the Pledge of Allegiance is Outdated

Avery Colinas, Journalist March 22, 2024

Every day, we start out the announcements with the Pledge of Allegiance. We learned this in elementary school as a requirement, and continue to do it till the end of high school. The pledge came about...

The Harry Potter titles for both book and movie combined using picture editing app Picsart.

My Top Ten Book To Film Adaptations

Andi Heininger, Journalist March 22, 2024

One of the most frustrating things as a reader is watching a film adaptation and it being very inaccurate to the book. As an avid reader myself, I’ve experienced this disappointment plenty of times....

Mike Johnsons official Speaker Of the House portrait (U.S. House Office of Photography/House Creative Services)

The Speaker of the House (And the Problem With Him)

Lucy Gray, Journalist January 22, 2024

It’s 2024, and you know what that means: Voting season! But disregarding the presidential election, what else really matters regarding politics? The one we can’t vote for, Speaker of the House, that’s...

Taking in the View

Taking in the View

Isaac Simonson, Journalist January 22, 2024

Taking In the View In a world of increasingly powerful technology, quick transportation, large population centers, social media, and long hours spent at school and work, being and staying happy becomes...

Candy to avoid this halloween

Candy to avoid this halloween

August Barbee, Journalist October 26, 2023

Do you have a favorite candy? What about least favorite? I think it's safe to say that everyone is disappointed when you get your least favorite candy thrown into your pail. Here are the worst candies...

The Expulsion of Kids in Need

The Expulsion of Kids in Need

Chloe Reynolds, Journalist June 6, 2023

When people are outcasted and feel alone, they try their best to fit and blend in with the crowd. If there was something preventing them from being accepted, they try their best to “fix” it. So when...

A drag queen leads a storytelling event at the San Jose Public Library (CreativeCommons)

Drag Queens and the truth about them

Moxxie Obina, Journalist May 11, 2023

     Drag queens and kings have been around for generations. They can be men who dress up as women or women who dress up as men.—dressing up with dresses and fancy make-up depending on their character....

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