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Freshman Formal: At Last We See the Light

Kaysa Banks
Leadership making posters for the dance.

The execution of a Freshman Formal is slightly different in the small town of Lake Stevens, WA. A freshman formal is a very special occasion for the freshman at Cavelero, where all ninth graders have the opportunity to dance, play games, and have fun. Freshman Formal is one night a year where the freshmen get their high school dance experience, and students have looked forward to it the whole year, where they can have fun with their friends and relax before the week of finals. 

It may seem a bit unusual that our school is dancing just for the 9th graders, but since our school is 8-9th graders, the school wanted to give the 2027 class a last goodbye. The leadership teacher, Mrs.Hereth, said that the event is so the 9th graders have their dance and have fun with their friends before leaving. They also do this dance because 8th graders in other places get graduations from their middle schools; 9th graders, in return, have the formal to say a final goodbye to Cavelero.

The dance was put on and organized by the 4th-period leadership class.  For the dance to be made the Leadership teacher Mrs.Hereth makes committees to sort out what students manage for the dance. Committees are used in leadership to give a different group of people in charge of the dance different tasks they need to fulfill. There are four committees: Games, Logistics, Decor, and Promos. There are different leaders in each committee, and these leaders must be able to assign tasks and uplift their members. 

The Games committee is responsible for all the games you can play in the game wing during the dance. In the games committee, we have 9th grade student Sydney Vincent who is the leader of her group. The Games committee must be responsible for all the activities that are happening at the dance. The next committee is the Decor with its leader being 9th grade leadership student Whitney Bird. The Decor committee decides the decorations and the overall look of the dance. If you see the hanging lanterns and the beautiful centerpieces you’ll know that Decor was behind it. The third committee is Logistics with its leader, 9th grade student Afebia Amere. They handle what everything costs, what to put on the menus, and everything you see sold by the concessions was run by and picked by the logistics committee. Lastly, there are the Promos. They are the main reason someone would know about the dance and all its info. They make social media promotions, posters, and help with ticket design. They dedicated a lot of time to keep the dance enjoyable. After all the hard work they put on the dance turned out magical. The dance was a big hit and Mrs.Hereth even said it was one of the best dances she had put on.

As the 2023-2024 school year is coming to an end more of us are feeling sad, but we still have some fun memories to make, and the freshman formal is one of them. Leading up to its debut on May 31st, The 4th period leadership class worked incredibly hard to give all the students the best experience possible. This year’s theme was Tangled, selected by the student body, and the name was “At Last We See The Light” to show how the 9th graders are leaving Cavelero so they “see the light.”



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