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Teachers Need to Follow the Rules, Just Like Students

Canva, Avery Colinas
Canva, Avery Colinas

Throughout the school year, students have constantly been reminded of the school rules. One of the main reminders given out almost daily is “off and away until I say.” Another reminder that is rarely given (because it’s just basic human decency) is not to cut in the lunch line. Both of these rules are broken daily by teachers at Cavelero Mid-High. 

Cavelero students, just like any other, are expected to follow these rules and face consequences for not following them. Almost always, these rules are enforced by teachers, and the fact they themselves have been known to break them is hypocritical and unfair to the students at Cavelero. Obviously, not all teachers break these rules, and of course some rules, like the phone rule, are occasionally justified in breaking them. So, teachers, like all people, do deserve some grace with phones, even though students are rarely offered this grace. 

However, there is no excuse for cutting the line. An adult shouldn’t still be cutting in line. Not to mention, lunch is the only real promised break students get throughout the school day. Teachers, meanwhile, get lunch and a planning period, not to mention they get to plan out their own days (to an extent).What’s more, some teachers get the most elaborate orders that take so long to fulfill. This takes away from the students’ time, not to mention that cutting in front of a person is always disrespectful, but it’s even more disrespectful when it comes from an adult who obviously knows better, because teachers at the very minimum have to be in their 20s, so I really don’t know how you can be in your 20s without learning any manners. 

Some teachers might not consider this because they are authority figures, so therefore they don’t think they have to follow the rules set in place. But how many times have we been taught to lead by example? How many times have teachers told us: “There’s no reason to have your phone out right now”? How old were you when you were taught manners? How old were you when you learned basic human decency says you go to the back of the line? Not in your 20s that for sure. If students have to follow rules and be “Kind, Safe and Responsible” then so do the teachers. 


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Avery Colinas
Avery Colinas, Journalist
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