MLB THE SHOW 23 Cover via San Diego Studios

Chad Greaby, Journalist

MLB THE SHOW 23, the newest game of the franchise, released on March 24, 2023, this is all the great reasons you should buy this game. Developed by San Diego Studios, the first “The Show” game was released in 2006 labeled “MLB 06; The Show.” The game can be played on Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. You can play on your own against the computer, co-op with friends or online head to head. It all depends on your game mode and playstyle of choice.

                   Road To The Show

One of the more popular game modes in the game is “Road To The Show.” In this mode, you can create your own character and play out their career, from getting drafted, playing in the minor leagues and finally making it to the MLB (Major League Baseball) or “The Show’.” You can upgrade your player by playing games and performing well or unlocking cosmetics that give you stat boosts. Alternatively, you can buy said cosmetics using stubs which you can get from playing games, doing challenges or buying with real money. 

                   Diamond Dynasty

The most popular gamemode in The Show is Diamond Dynasty. In this mode, you create your own team out of past and present MLB players. You can get these players by opening packs and doing programs. You can get the packs by using stubs and unlocking them in the programs. There is also a marketplace where you can buy and sell players, cosmetics and stadiums. The current most expensive card in the game is a 99 overall San Diego Padres ShortStop/ Outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr., costs 239,000 stubs, which translates to around 167 US dollars. Because 99 is the highest overall in the game, you receive your overall by averaging out all of a players stat ratings. You could probably get around 10 97 overall cards for the price of that one Fernando Tatis.

                    March To October 

In March To October, similarly to Diamond Dynasty, you can play with whatever team you want. You start by picking a team in the current MLB to start with and from there you can take full control of the team. You can rebuild from scratch or play with the team you start with but no matter what your end goal stays the same. Make it to October! You may be wondering why October, in the realm of the MLB, is playoff time. If you are still in contention in the month of October, anything can happen. The Wild card round or first round is a three game series first to two wins moves on to the A/NLDS. In the A/NLDS you play a five game series first to three wins moves on to the A/NLCS. In the A/NLCS there are only four teams remaining two from the American league and two from the National League this is a best of seven series first to four wins advances to the World Series. In the World Series the winner of the AL faces the winner of the NL in a seven game series to win it all.

                     Franchise Mode

Franchise mode is very similar to March To October in many ways, but also very different. In Franchise mode, there is more to do and more to customize, whereas in March To October you have one goal: to make it to October. In Franchise, it doesn’t matter if you are the worst team in the league, you can make some changes and do better next season with the same core. Compared to March To October where it is make it or start over.


In the end I would give MLB The Show 23 a 9.3/10 compared to past MLB The Show games. It is in the higher tier of sports video games, a great game with good graphics and solid physics. Would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a new game to play.