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The Act: a dramatized view of Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s life


Gypsy Rose Blanchard is a 32 year old female who killed her mother with the help of her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn. Gypsy lived with her mother Dee Dee Blanchard and her father was absent most of the time growing up. Dee Dee suffered from munchausen by proxy which is a mental illness where a caretaker thinks that their child has illnesses but they really don’t. Dee Dee had been making false statements and accusations that Gypsy had all these illnesses from leukemia to even having to use a feeding tube.It ended up being that Gypsy didn’t need any of these medications and Dee Dee was just pretending to make people have empathy for them.

 Later on in 2015, Gypsy had figured out that this was all an “Act” and she wanted to get away from this abuse as soon as she could. She then went online searching for a boyfriend and she came across this guy named Nicholas Godejohn. Gypsy had been explaining to him how she wanted to escape and Nicholas had told her that he could help with that. Gypsy and Nicholas then arranged a date and time to kill mother. Nicholas then came to the Blachard household and stabbed Dee Dee 17 times while she was sleeping. Gypsy, as a result, has been in jail up until her recent release on December 28th, 2023.

Four years after the whole incident happened, a show was released on Hulu called “The Act”. This show revolves around the life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her childhood, providing a dramatization of how she killed her mom and basically how it all went down. The Act is very detailed and Joey King is playing the role of Gypsy, she does a very good job in reenacting everything that happened. Calum Worthy is playing the role of Nicholas Godejohn and he gave the show some really good suspense and it made the show almost scary. However, the chronological order of events in the show is weird, at first it starts off with Gypsy as a teenager and just talking about her life and how it was after the hurricane. Later on it switched to when they were going to kill her mother, and it just kept going back and forth. 

Gypsy Rose herself stated that she wasn’t paid for the show, and she also said “ I wouldn’t watch this show because I already lived everything and I don’t want to live it again”. Gypsy also said, in an interview with Business Insider, that the show “negatively affected her life in prison.” The Act brought Gypsy a lot of fame and it brought a lot of more awareness to her name, but it also impacted her in negative ways. The show even made her separate from her first fiance in prison when the show had first premiered. Overall, I would give this show a 8.5/10 because it has a lot of good details and information but it’s quite scary. I would definitely recommend this show if you are interested in scary things like crimes and murder.

“The Act” can be watched on Amazon Prime Video,Hulu, and Vudu.

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