Dr. STONE’s Third Season

Carter Zyskowski, Journalist


The first episode of Dr. STONE season three was officially released on April 6th of this year. The first episode came out on August 25th, 2019. This incredible anime has since been met with lots of positive feedback.

Dr. STONE starts by introducing the audience to Senku, our main character, Taiju, and Yuzuriha in their high school. In the opening scene, Taiju comes down to meet Yuzuriha to confess his feelings for her, but before he could confess, the world is flashed with a green light that turns all humans on earth into stone. After over 3,700 years passed, Senku arose from his petrifaction through sheer willpower and immediately started using his incredible scientific knowledge to make a liquid that can reverse the petrification in an attempt to bring humanity back. 

The revival process reminds me of how, in video games, you choose a character or class that determines the rest of the gameplay. Each person Senku revives brings unique skills to the rebuilding effort. I love that aspect because it makes the viewer think of all the possibilities that Senku has to reach his goal of reviving humanity since every character feels like they contribute to the rebuilding of society.  Another aspect I love about Dr. STONE is the technological advancements in the new world that make the show so much more enjoyable. It makes you think about what’s next and the possibilities with the technology at hand.

The way that author Riichiro Inagaki depicts the land and nature in this world that wasn’t affected by humans for almost four thousand years is wonderful and really demonstrates the natural beauty of the earth. I also love the characters; the character designs are very unique and remind me of older anime character designs with a modern twist. As well as the characters’ writing, they all make sense and their unique personalities make it much more realistic. I think that aspect is very important for the watcher so they can relate to the characters more.

I think all the characters are all unique but my favorite character is Taiju. Taiju Oki is Senku’s best friend, they have known each other since they were kids and are now working together for a brighter future in the world. He possesses incredible stamina, durability, strength, and mental resilience. He was even the second person to arise from petrification through willpower. 

I really do think this anime is worth the watch, and I can’t wait for more episodes of season three to be released. I have very high hopes for this amazing anime and It’s in my top 5. You can watch Dr. STONE on streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, and Crunchyroll.