Queen, Back on Tour Once Again!

(With Adam Lambert)


Official tour dates. (American Songwriter)

Haley Sawyer, Journalist

The most famous British rock band of the 70s, Queen is returning once again for a possible final tour called “The Rhapsody Tour.” Since Freddie Mercury’s tragic passing on November 24th, 1991, the band has decided to go on tour with multiple other famous singers, including Paul Rodgers which ended in 2009. Currently, the band is touring with Adam Lambert. Brian May (guitarist and vocalist), Roger Taylor (drummer, backing and lead vocals), and Lambert (vocalist) all have a long history together from 2011 to the present day. “It was good from the beginning but it’s now amazing, we now have real empathy on, say, a real kind of understanding. There’s a good connection… and we can feel each other on what we wanna do when we perform.” Says May in an interview discussing the “privilege” of going on tour with Lambert. Lambert also feels as if  “something feels natural” when performing with May and Taylor.

“There has been a lot of misery in the last three years and this is a wonderful occasion to do this.” (Referring to the effects of the pandemic)” Taylor says. One of the best things about these tours is that Lambert is never trying to impersonate Mercury or be just like him. Lambert brings his own personality to the stage and does this beautifully and almost represents the spirit of Mercury. “We can almost hear him in his voice,” May says in an interview on TVNZ News. Lambert makes the shows exciting and different every time, the band says “We never know what to expect once we get on that stage.” Sadly, John Deacon (bassist of Queen) is still not returning to stage, due to his retirement.

Fans are once again excited to have this tour happen but, some fans have argued that they wish there were more places the band visits. The band is visiting these several locations, including, Baltimore MD (Oct 4th), Toronto ON (Oct 4), Detroit MI (Oct 10), New York NY (Oct 12), Boston MA (Oct 15), Philadelphia PA (Oct 18), Atlanta GA (Oct 23), Nashville TN (Oct 25), ST. Paul MN (Oct 27), Chicago IL (Oct 30), Dallas TX (Nov 2), Denver CO (Nov 5), San Francisco CA (Nov 08), and Los Angeles CA (Nov 11). Tickets for this tour are also available online, but they are quite expensive and sell out quickly, but there is a reason why. May, Taylor, and Lambert all have talent that should be recognized, they put on a great show for the fans and make a real connection to do something that Mercury would have loved. Fans are also hoping this isn’t the final tour, May has had health problems in the past with his heart including heart attacks, but fans are hoping for his health to improve. Based on previous shows, concert goers should expect to see lots of flashing lights and amazing energy on stage. Even if you can’t see this amazing show in real life, make sure to check out the official Queen Youtube channel with some of their tours. Remember, tickets are becoming “easy come easy go,” so act quickly!

Brian May, Adam Lambert, and Roger Taylor. (Loudwire)
Queen on tour in Japan during the 70’s. (Queen Official)