Anime’s Highly Anticipated Part 2: Spy×Family

Carter Zyskowski, Journalist

Wit Studio Animation
Wit Studio Animation

Following the massive success of the adorable, fun, and action-packed first 12 episodes of “Spy×Family” season 1, it was inevitable that fans would be counting the days until part 2 was released on October 1st. 

The first 12 episodes of Spy×Family are about Loid, a secret agent operating under the code name “Twilight” on his hardest mission yet, Operation Strix. His job is to stop the National Unity Party from starting a war between Westalis and Ostanis. Westalis is a fictional country in place of where West Germany is in the real world, and Ostania, another fictional country is in place of where East Germany is in the real world. In order to do this, he has to get close to Donovan  Desmond, the chairman of the National Unity Party, and stop him. However, his only public appearances are at private events held at Eden Academy, and in order to get into Eden Academy, Twilight has to get married and have his child attend the ceremony. Loid decides to adopt Anya, who would end up becoming an icon for Spy×Family, as well as marrying Yor.

All three of these characters have secret identities they are keeping from each other. Loid is a secret agent working for WISE (Westalian Intelligence). Yor is an assassin working for the “Garden,”  a secret organization that carries out assassinations under orders from the secret government. Finally, Anya is a telepathic six-year-old and a former test subject for an unknown organization. She was adopted by Loid from an orphanage after only dreaming about having a loving family after her previous family most likely abandoned her. 

Anya is the only one who knows about her parent’s secret identities without either of them knowing and Anya is too afraid to tell them because her past caretakers didn’t want her anymore after knowing she could read everything on their minds. Anya is using her powers to hold her family together, in episode 2 Loid decided to get Anya new clothes and Yor also happens to be in that tailor, Anya reads Yor’s mind, and after realizing she is an assassin Anya gets excited and attempts to make Loid ask Yor to play the mother role which in the end does work. Anya is definitely a fan favorite among the Spy×Family fanbase for many reasons. 

A new character “Bond” is introduced in episode 13 as an un-named bomb dog for Kepler, Bond is a Great Pyrenees that has the ability to see into the future, and the only person who knows this is Anya because of her telepathic powers. Anya immediately becomes attached to this big white fluffy adorable dog with powers that were tested on by the same unknown organization as Anya. Bond and Anya spend episodes 13 and 14 together trying to stop Loid from dying in an explosion as seen by Bond’s foresight. Then in episode 15, Anya plans on having Damion Desmond invite her over to compare dogs but when Damien asks Anya what her dog’s name is she freezes, and right when she gets home she officially decides to name her new dog “Bond” named after “Bondman” from “Spy Wars” Anya’s favorite TV show. Then in episode 16, Yor tries to become a better cook, Yor fails to cut ingredients and instead cuts herself and cuts the cutting board along with the ingredients after that we can see what a mess the counter has become. Yor eventually succeeds and is happy to know she can make her family happy and do more things than killing. We have an idea of how Spy×Family will be completed but really only time will tell how this amazing show will end.