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Cavelero Recently Closed Student Store: The Hay Shack

Kaysa Banks
A collage of Hay Shack workers standing outside of the now-shuttered Hay Shack.

A student store says a lot about a school: how it provides convenience, fundraising, educational opportunities, community building, and support for school programs. Without it, all these items cease to exist. A student store is crucial for every academic institution. The Hay Shake is essential to the Cavelero community; our community would be incomplete without it. Which is why so many students have been disappointed to see the Hay Shack closed for the past few months.

The Hay Shack is the student store at Cavelero. The Hay Shack is open for all three lunches, where students in Business and Marketing act as employees that sell snacks and school merchandise to Cavelero students. These students have a variety of tasks to perform, such as customer service, cashier duties, merchandising, inventory management, cleaning and maintenance, record keeping, and lastly, training and supervision.

While 4th period operates the Hay Shack itself, there are other class periods of Business and Marketing that keep the Hay Shack running as well. For example, students who have second period help clean up the store, take stock, and pay taxes. Hay Shack worker and 9th-grade student Laila Njie shared that the Hay Shack provides students with a different selection of items to choose from than just a regular school lunch. She believes that the Hay Shack helps the students who work at it understand how businesses operate outside of school and a real-life experience. 

The Hay Shack is beloved throughout the Colts community and has recently shut down for the past  few months. Mrs. Brandy, the teacher who taught and supervised the students at the Hay Shack, resigned from her position. The reason behind it has been rumored, but for legal reasons, it cannot be shared. The Hay Shack has been closed for those reasons, and it is still unclear when it will reopen. The students of Cavelero might have to wait longer than expected, because they have yet to even begin interviewing people for the position. Because of this, the Hay Shack’s time of reopening may vary from a few more weeks to even months, and there is no set date for reopening.

In conclusion, the Hay Shack is an essential part of the Cavelero community, providing students with not only snacks and school merch but also real-life business experience. The temporary closure of the Hay Shack has left a void in the community that highlights the importance of having a student store in every academic institution. Hopefully, the Hay Shack will reopen soon and continue to provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow practically while contributing to the school community.


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