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A look behind the dress code

Have you ever wondered how the dress code is decided? What makes teachers decide to dress code you? What happens when you get dress coded? Here’s a look on the inside.


Firstly, the dress code is not as strict as it used to be. Before the now freshman came to Cavelero, it was mostly no skin showing and no spaghetti strap tank tops. Now, as long as you don’t show your undergarments or “too much” of your torso, you should be okay. This year, however, they have been getting more strict on the dress code and dress coding more people. In the updated dress code, which you can find on the Cavelero website, it can be summarized as not wearing anything offensive, gang related, or revealing. Clothing must cover the majority of the torso, chest, and midriff. Undergarments of any kind or sunglasses in the building are not permitted in the building.


At the end of the dress code article, it says that all dress code violations will be documented and consequences will be enforced. When you get dress-coded by a teacher, they usually just tell you to cover up, but if you don’t have a jacket, or another piece of clothing to put on, they will give you alternative clothing. If they refuse to wear the clothing they give you they will call your parents and ask them to bring you something or bring you home. 


In the last few years, showing any skin besides your arms, and your legs (ripped jeans) was not permitted on school grounds. The funny thing is, you could wear shorts, but not ripped jeans. Showing your shoulders at all was not allowed either, which many students expressed confusion over, given that showing your shoulders and showing your arms feels like two different things.  The school is trying to set more of a professional setting, but some of the rules, clearly, are taking some getting used to. 


The official dress code states, “Clothing, drawings, stickers, tattoos, and other accessories that display or promote negative messages are not permitted. These could include drug, gang, weapon, alcohol or tobacco-related information, obscenities, put-downs, stereotypes, sexual innuendo, offensive words or graphics.” While these rules have seen some minor pushback, the Cavelero Staff have done a really good job of making sure that students don’t wear offensive, or negative messages or images on their clothing.


When it comes to the dress code, they are a lot more fair than they used to be, and they do a fair job at keeping it that way. Most students abide by the dress code, thanks to the teachers here at Cavelero.


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