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A.I.’s Effects on the World and Education

Canva, Avery Colinas
Canva, Avery Colinas

In recent years, advancements in artificial intelligence have picked up immensely. Now people are using it for anything from adding fake extras into movies to cheating on tests. This has been an ongoing problem at Cav and countless other schools; students’ work isn’t their work. 50% of teachers surveyed let their students use A.I. on assignments sometimes the other half don’t let them use it at all. Usually, teachers will give this student a zero on the assignment or make them redo it. Which, because of the originality reports in google classroom using A.I. usually leads to one of these options.


Chat GPT’s response to being asked if it’s helping or hurting society (Avery Colinas)


A.I. can be a helpful tool when it comes to learning, but it is rarely used as such. Someone could use it to get examples to look at for assignments, or to have it explain how to do a math problem for them. As long as you don’t directly copy what the A.I. says it can help you understand the questions you are being asked in class better. Directly copying it though, is just plagiarism. 

People’s main thing they hold over A.I. is that it can’t show emotions like a human can, but in recent years A.I. has become even more human. Talking to A.I. can seem just like talking to a person. You can decide what attitude you want it to have and what you want to talk about. It’s like talking to the perfect human. Although if we fall too deep into the enchantment of “perfection,” we may become disconnected to the point we’re we don’t have human connections anymore. While talking to A.I. can be fun, it definitely isn’t the same as talking to an actual human.

A.I. is now also being used in replacement for human made art. As Riley Fraser, a teacher at Cav, said, “What many people don’t understand is that AI is a tool. A tool can be used to support an artist, or a student, but it cannot BE the artist or the student.” Art is one of the most human forms of self expression that go back to the Paleolithic Era. Speech only predates art by a couple thousand years, it is a fundamental part of the human experience; handing this off to a computer program is taking away one of humanity’s greatest forms of self expression. A.I. can create art but it is in no way the same as human made art. However, some people may argue that A.I. is just their art medium. While, this argument makes sense but A.I. art only involves you having the creativity to tell the chatbot what to make, and it involves no talent whatsoever. This in turn takes away jobs from actual artists. 

As A.I. becomes more intelligent and human-like it is slowly able to outperform humans in almost everything. It can answer questions quicker and more efficiently. It takes only seconds for it to write a midterm paper that can affect the majority of your grade. So, reaching for your phone and asking a chat book is obviously the way easier option. Although, you lose the pride you can take out of an A on an essay or art assignment, or just the general pride is actually making what you see as a masterpiece.

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Avery Colinas
Avery Colinas, Journalist
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