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The Freshmen Formal

The ins and outs of this upcoming dance

The giggles in the dressing rooms as you try on multiple dresses trying to find the “perfect” one, weeks in advance. Friends gather to get ready together as the night slowly approaches. The sun is disappearing slowly, the headlights in your face as you turn into the long Cavelero entrance. The car pulling into the bus loop, getting out of the car. The commons doors open, music blasting, people dancing, as the enchanted forest sparkles.  


What can you, as a 9th grader, expect at the freshman formal? There needed to be some clarification about the theme, including an accidental poster being sent out from last year’s formal. I’m happy to announce that this year’s theme is “enchanted forest,” so ladies, grab your fairy dresses, and guys, grab your suits. There is no color scheme for your attire, just be mindful of the beautiful theme. 

Decoration for the Ghostly Gala made by leadership students (Photo taken by journalist Alysah Burkett )


Lots of hard work and time went into making the theme and preparing for the freshman formal, including holding multiple votes to choose the right theme and getting approval from ASB for a sizable budget. Along with the amazing music and dancing, there will be Italian sodas, pizza, and cookies, but they will only accept cash, so make sure you bring your wallets. There will also be a coat room for small bags and jackets, so try to minimize large bags and backpacks being brought to this event. This year there are going to be three dances in total; in past years there were only two, a fall dance and the freshmen formal. This change was made after last year after leadership reviewed feedback from the past 8th grade classes, who claimed that they “felt left out,” because the 9th graders got two dances while they only got one. 


The usual budget for each school dance is only $1,000 – $1,200, depending on what ASB approves of and that includes having to purchase food products to last the whole night, decorations, and the live DJ that everyone loves. They must get enough food products to make things like Italian sodas for everyone. We have around 750 9th graders in our school, add up all of the ingredients times two, that’s a lot for just food products. The DJ alone is almost $600 for a three-hour event; that’s half of their maximum budget allowed. The 1st-period leadership was in charge of the dances and had a very challenging job. They all had to come up with ideas and then take a group vote because there could only be one theme. That’s a difficult job because everyone wants their idea to be the one that gets to have the spotlight but they all have to agree and hear each other out to pick only one theme. For more details on how 1st-period leadership pulls this off, check out the article written by my fellow journalist Kaysa Banks.


We should all make sure to show our appreciation and gratitude towards the whole leadership team in charge of the dances and Mrs. Hereth for the amazing dances that they are putting on and will continue to put on for the students and, for the hard work and dedication it took for these things to look the way that they are. So, grab your new outfits and we’ll see the 9th graders there.

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Alysah Burkett
Alysah Burkett, Journalist
I am currently a 9th grade journalist at Cavelero. I love spending my free time running, 10/10 suggest cross country to anyone and everyone. I have been doing advanced English classes ever since it was an option. I'm excited to begin writing and being able to show off my work while providing information to others. Thank you for reading.

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