It’s rude to speculate on Taylor Swift’s Break Up

Taylor Swift Eras tour (Republic Records and Universal Music Group)

Taylor Swift Eras tour (Republic Records and Universal Music Group)

Addison Bowen, Journalist

Taylor Swift has always been a very private person, especially when it comes to dating. She’s always preferred to tell people about her life through her music, and has expressed that having her romantic relationships widely speculated on is not what she wants. Many people, especially fans of Swift, have disregarded her wishes with her most recent break up with Joe Alwyn; in the three weeks since their breakup made the news, many have behaved as if they are entitled to information on the end of their relationship, and have begun to speculate on the break up more than they talk about Taylor’s Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift has been in the public light since she was seventeen in 2012. Since then, she hasn’t had much privacy; this, paired with the Kanye West controversy, led her to practically go into hiding before debuting her sixth album, “Reputation.” Since being away from the public’s view, Taylor has expressed not wanting others to speculate about her relationships, and wanting them to remain private. Taylor Swift fans, commonly known as“Swifties,” have been fairly respectful of this boundary. Recently though, with her break up with Joe Alwyn, it seems everyone’s thrown those morals out the window and decided it’s now okay to speculate or talk about how good her next album is going to be now that she’s had a break up. In reality it’s just rude and disrespectful towards Taylor and everything she stands for.

Taylor Swift has accomplished so much at such a young age, and her accomplishments should absolutely take center stage instead of her personal relationships. She’s had six concert tours since she debuted her album Taylor Swift at seventeen, and her most recent, ongoing tour, the Eras Tour, is her biggest one yet. Swift sings for a whole three hours pulling songs from every album, the concert is truly a piece of art on its own, with its theatrics and dancing and special effects. Any male musician would be absolutely praised if they even did half of what Taylor has done in her career. The way Taylor is treated by the public and others in the music industry truly shows how little people value her simply because she’s a woman.

So to sum everything up, Taylor Swift truly doesn’t owe anyone any information about her personal life and already gives up enough information from her music alone, which is the real way she communicates with fans. Swift has said that she doesn’t like people to speculate on her relationships, especially when that’s all people talk about, diminishing her actual accomplishments as an artist. Taylor Swift fans need to be more aware and respectful of Taylor Swift and understand she has her own life outside of being a singer and deserves a bit of privacy. People, especially Swifties, should do better and stop speculating on Taylor Swift’s break ups as if they are the most important part of her art, she is an incredible artist and could make her art with or without being in a relationship and we shouldn’t diminish her work to simply that.