Oh My God, You Guys! Cavelero Drama Program to perform Legally Blonde Jr.


Promotional poster for the musical ( made by Anne Julson).

Haley Sawyer, Journalist

Exciting news for Cavelero! On April 14th, and 15th, talented students will be performing a musical called Legally Blonde Junior! Legally Blonde Junior is about a young woman named Elle Woods facing stereotypes, hard-faced romance and snobbery. The role of Elle Woods will be played by 9th grader Tesila Hansen. Another major role, Warner Huntington III, will be performed by 8th grader Crew Vellinga. Warner In Legally Blonde is a snobby, unrealistic and egotistical character. The basic storyline of this musical is that Elle Woods wants nothing more than to be with her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, but before he heads off to Harvard Law School, he dumps her, saying she is “too blonde.” Elle tries to win him by going to Harvard and win him back. Throughout the course of her journey, she begins to value what she is capable of beyond her failed relationship and quickly becomes a formidable lawyer-in-training. The professional musical compared to our school musical is amazing; the fact that our students can do this and keep up with the pace of the show/musical shows off some real talent.  

 “It’s a very dramatic show for sure,” Says 9th grader Ava Dover. “but it’s been a lot of fun, its very upbeat and hyper overall and also a comedy.” Dover, playing as Chutney. “It’s definitely a chick flick.” Says 9th grader Keely Vincent who is one of the costume managers. Just by speaking to cast members, one can tell that these are definitely extremely dedicated, passionate, and talented people, especially Hansen. “I was in the school play last year as Wednesday, I’ve also been in an ensemble and a show of Music Man and I’ve done two summer shows before.” Hansen clearly has the talent and passion for this role and I think it suits her perfectly. 

 As of right now, the cast seems very prepared for the musical. These actors practice every day after school to do their choreography and singing, it’s a very impressive show to watch. The costume managers and other stage managers are also working hard, putting together entire ensembles of professional suits, UPS uniforms, and hot pink business attire. Legally Blonde Junior will run for a single weekend, April 14th and 15th. There will be an entry fee of $12 for general admission, and $7 for students, seniors, and military. But, this will be a very exciting event for our school and I think it will show off how talented our students are! 

Tickets for Legally Blonde Jr. can be purchased at the following website.