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Learning with Lambert

A look inside Cavelero’s Pre-AP Block Class
9th grade students, Liam James and Lily Nolt, enjoying their passing period in block. (Avery Colinas)

Cavelero Mid-High School offers a Pre-AP block course, taught by Mrs. Heidi Lambert. It is a mix of Pre-AP English and Pre-AP History designed for 9th grade students looking for a more challenging course. While it is more challenging, it’s not an impossibly hard class. 

In 9th grade, history is not a required class, but keeping with it helps you a lot if you are planning to take AP History as a sophomore. Even if you are not planning on going the AP route, it’s good to keep up the habit of learning history. AP History teachers have noticed that kids who take Pre-AP History generally do better in their classes, because they already have gotten introduced to the skills needed to succeed in an AP History course. Not to mention it’s not just mindless note taking, there are projects, and discussions about the merits of certain historical events. 

9th grade student, Tomas Leszxynski looks at camera (Avery Colinas)

In English, we work on analyzing texts and writing theses along with writing our own stories. Usually in 9th grade, students will read short stories, but instead we get to read full books. Currently the class is reading Animal Farm by George Orwell, which was written during the Red Scare as a satirical “fable” about the Soviet Union and Communism. We are about to begin Night by Elie Wiesel which is a true story about a boy and his family going through the Holocaust. Both stories delve into important moments in history and are just generally classic stories.

9th grader Byron Perkins waves (Avery Colinas)

Another bonus of the class is it is taught by Mrs. Lambert. Mrs. Lambert teaches us what will actually benefit us in the future and not just doing busy work. She encourages discussion about the topics we are learning about in order to expand our understanding. 

When interviewed, the current students in the class stated that the main reasons they joined the class are for the challenge and because they liked history. Their favorite parts about the class are the people/environment, Mrs. Lambert, and just generally the fun that we have during the two periods. Or as a student in the class, Liam James said “We’re all so silly and weird but we all get along and click in that weird way.”

9th grader Deven Johnston stares at camera (Avery Colinas)

If you are an 8th grader looking for an elective to join next year, I would seriously recommend Mrs. Lambert Pre-AP block class. It is an amazing experience and has been very fun and enjoyable and educational. We’ve learned a lot and we are only half way through the year, so I personally cannot wait to see where our fun, at times chaotic, class is going..

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