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Behind the Scenes of the Fall Dance (aka Ghostly Gala)

School Dances. People go to them to enjoy themselves with their peers outside of regular school activities. However, we don’t really know that much about how they occur. No one truly knows the blood, sweat, and tears put into the dance by the students and teachers who make it happen.

 For Cavelero, the 9th-grade leadership classes are behind all the school dances. If the students don’t do it, there is no dance; it’s that simple. The Fall Dance is put on so that the students have a reason to come to school and enjoy themselves because we want to make a school a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. 

 When you dive into the behind-the-scenes of the fall dance, you’ll learn that committees get assigned to a group of students. There are four committees for the fall dance: Logistics, Decor, Games, and Promotions. 

 Logistics are “kinda everything,” 9th grader Katie Atkien says. Essentially, the Logistics committee is the backbone of the dance. They make all the menu (which includes all the concessions provided at the dance), fundraiser forms, and budgeting forms.   “They promote the dance…we come up with the menu, we go talk to teachers about certain things, and we make sure everything is running smoothly.” Atkein also stated that logistics are crucial because they are needed to have an enjoyable dance. They also design the tickets and the posters that go along with them that are posted around the school. 

The Decor committee does the decorations for the dance. The Decor team designs and creates all the props and items you see around the upcoming dance. They try to base the decor around the dance theme. This is a pretty important committee because dances would frankly be boring without some decorations, but with them, they add more pizzazz to the dance and get people into the spooky theme of the dance.

1st period Leadership students making ticket poster (October 11, 2023) Kaysa Banks (Kaysa Banks)

In the Games committee, they decide the activities they want to put in the dance. They pick out what they think will be most enjoyable for the students. 9th grader and leader of the games committee Jaren Parke said, “If people go to the dance and they don’t have anything to do, or it’s not what they typically want to do, they can kinda go with a couple of friends. They can… play some foosball or air hockey and have fun doing that.” In the Decor committee they are also responsible for making promotional posters, which Parke specifically helped design in Canva. Parke believes this committee is vital to the dance because they want to ensure that everyone has something fun and engaging to do due to the fact that the dance could be hectic. Plus, games give you other options besides just dancing.

Promotions handle all in-person and online advertisements. They use the Cavelero Instagram to let people know any details that one might ask about the dance. They help with physical posters and designing them along with the online ones. They post updates about the dance and all the info you need. They use Canva to get a general idea of what they want.

In conclusion, organizing a school dance takes a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication. Each committee plays a vital role in making the event successful and fun for everyone involved. The Fall Dance is an excellent opportunity for students to have a good time and enjoy themselves with their peers, making the school a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.


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