KAYTRAMINÉ: A Powerful Fusion of Talents

Carter Zyskowski, Journalist


@kaytramine on Instagram
@kaytramine on Instagram

The insanely talented rapper Aminé and the equally talented producer and two-time Grammy winner Kaytranada recently released their joint album “KAYTRAMINÉ” on May 19th. Kaytranada has worked with big names in the past, such as Drake, Kali Uchis, and Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few. Kaytranada and Aminé released a taste of their album when they released 4EVA feat. Pharrell Williams on April 4th, and once more when they released “Rebuke” just 4 days before their official album release on May 19th. The album contains 11 songs and features names like Freddie Gibbs (“letstalkaboutit”), Big Sean (“Master P”), Amarrea (“Sossaup”), Pharrell Williams (“4EVA”), and Snoop Dogg (“EYE”).

Kaytranada and Aminé have a pretty rich history together. Back in 2014, Aminé remixed Kay’s song “At All,” which gained a bit of popularity and drew Kay’s attention. In a tweet from Aminé, he states “I was broke …working on music every day looking for a north star. I was thinking about giving up… then kay hit me back & sent me beats for free.. that put an extra battery in my back & really made me feel confident again.” Later in an interview with Zane Lowe, Zane Lowe asks Kay “Could you tell us why? What drew you into his music and want to reach out?” Kay responds, “He did a freestyle on my song called ‘At All’ that I put out in 2014, he already had a music video too, which was crazy. I think (his version) was going viral around where he was and it caught my attention so I just had to give him his props. Then he asked for beats and I was like ‘Yeah, man.’ I was really in the mood to discover new people to work with.”

The album is truly elevated by its collaborations, showcasing the exceptional talents of the artists involved. Among them, my favorite track is “Sossaup,” featuring Amaarae. Her presence on the song is captivating, as she showcases her vocal prowess and adds an extra layer with her smooth adlibs. One of my other favorite songs on the album is “Rebuke,” a track where Aminé showcases his versatile vocal style rather than his usual rap flow. Delivering the lyrics with a soulful and melodic tone which also features a captivating smooth jazz-type beat.

“KAYTRAMINÉ” truly represents the culmination of Aminé and Kaytranada’s shared creative journey, bringing forth a remarkable album filled with remarkable collaborations and outstanding musical performances. Their history, deeply rooted in mutual admiration and support, has paved the way for a collection of tracks that express the immense talents of all involved, making it an album to be cherished by fans and music enthusiasts alike. “KAYTRAMINÉ” is available for streaming on all music platforms.