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Cavelero Lunch Separation, Beneficial or Disadvantageous?

Should Cavelero lunches be separated by grade or by A, B, C order?
Results of student survey on Cavelero lunches.
Ainsley Davis
Results of student survey on Cavelero lunches.

It’s a hot summer afternoon, and we’re eagerly awaiting the release of our schedules for the next school year. Time seemed to crawl by, and the heat was becoming unbearable. Suddenly, I heard a notification sound, indicating that my schedule was ready. I rushed to check it and saw that I had 1st lunch. I turned to my friend, hoping that we would have the same lunch period, but was devastated to see that she had 3rd lunch. 

Cavelero lunches are currently separated in a 1st lunch, 2nd lunch, and 3rd lunch order. However, some students have been discussing whether it would be simpler to have lunches split by grade level. You may have gotten an online form about your opinion on this topic. The poll was sent to eighth-grade students and Freshmen here at Cavelero Mid-High to get their opinion on whether or not lunches should be separated by grade or stay the way they are currently. 82 students chose to keep lunches the way they are because ‘the lunches would be even more crowded with how many students are in each grade’ and ‘9th and 8th graders are friends it would leave so many people with fewer friends at lunch not more’. 

Other students, however, felt like it would overall be simpler for students if lunches were separated by grade because it would allow for more students to be able to connect with their fellow companions. 61 students chose to separate the lunches. One enthusiastic ninth grader, Amanda Pfiester, stated “I would love that; like this year, please!”, commenting about how friends will be able to see each other even if they are not in classes together. Like Amanda, many 9th-grade students feel like it would be an advantage to see their peers in their grade but others feel like it would be a disadvantage due to having buddies in 8th grade. 

The possibility of changing the lunch schedules could have a ripple effect on other classes such as math, Spanish, and gym periods that have students from both 8th and 9th grades. In fact, any class that includes students from both grades could potentially be impacted by the change in scheduling.

In conclusion, the debate over changing the lunch scheduling has valid arguments from both sides. Nevertheless, unless the school decides to change the lunch schedule, lunches will remain as they currently are. However, the topic is still being discussed as to whether the proposed changes would bring more benefits or drawbacks to the school community. 

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Ainsley Davis, Journalist
Hi, I am Ainsley Davis, a 9th-grade journalist at Cavelero Mid-High. I'm the youngest of three and have 18 pets! I enjoy reading, playing volleyball with my friends, baking, shopping, and hanging out with friends and family in my free time. I did tae kwon do for about 5-6 years and got to my second degree black belt before quitting to focus on my studies more. Thanks for getting to know me!

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