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Trick or treating ages: How old is too old?

Are 8th and 9th graders too old to trick or treat? (A survey)
The autumn leaves turning brown (Photo courtesy of Hannah Lawson).

Imagine yourself as a child running from door to door on Halloween night, full of excitement and joy. You are with your friends all dressed up as ghosts, witches, and monsters, each holding a candy bucket. Now imagine yourself on the other side of things, handing out candy to crazy children over their sugar limit. Here’s the question: How old were these kids in your imagination?


This board shows the results of the survey conducted on October 6th, 2023 (Liah Campbell).

Society has never been very accepting of teenagers going trick or treating. It almost feels wrong for 8th and 9th graders to trick or treat because they’re treated as children, but held up to the same expectations as adults. According to a survey that asked 8th and 9th graders whether or not they thought they were too old to trick or treat, 91% of 8th graders said no, they aren’t too old and 9% said yes, they are too old. The 9th graders had only a slight difference in their responses with 89% saying no and 11% saying yes.


As is clearly shown above, most teenagers agree that they are not too old to go trick or treating. When a few surveyees were asked if they thought there was an existing age limit, the opinions varied. Lolo Stein, a 9th grader who shared she was going trick or treating said the age limit was “for the person to decide for themselves”. Jose Rodriguez, an 8th grader, on the other hand, simply said that people should stop trick or treating “when you’re past high school or college.” 

But what about the adult perspective? Is it rude to go trick or treating and take candy that might have been put out for little children only? Ms. Miller, a teacher at Cavelero, does not think so. “The whole point of (Halloween) is to have fun,” says Miller. “I’m not trying to be grumpy about anything. People are out having a good time!” This opinion was shared with Amayah Pennon, a 9th grader. Pennon said her friends wouldn’t judge her for trick or treating, and that everyone should “go trick or treating (because) it’s more fun than not going”.

According to the 8th and 9th graders at our school, this holiday that is all about candy, spookiness, and friends isn’t too childish for them. Despite what some students might claim, it’s clearly shown that the majority believe they can go trick or treating at this age. So, feel free to go ahead and enjoy trick or treating this Halloween without any guilt of being too old.

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About the Contributor
Liah Campbell, Journalist
Hi, my name is Liah. I am a 9th-grade journalist at Cavelero mid-high. I am in the school wind ensemble and I also play for our school soccer team. Outside of school, I like playing soccer, reading, or practicing my flute. I also enjoy playing volleyball with my sister in the backyard.

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