The LSHS Boys Soccer Home Opener

Both LSHS boys soccer teams defeat Ferndale at their home opener


The Varsity Boys Soccer Team after defeating Ferndale. (Ellie Tredway)

Ellie Tredway, Journalist

On Tuesday, March 14th, the JV and Varsity boys soccer teams both had away games against Shorecrest. The JV team won 4-3 and the Varsity team tied 0-0. Both teams put in great effort and it paid off. On Thursday, March 16th, both teams had their home opener at Lake Stevens High School against Ferndale. Both teams won with amazing effort, JV winning 5-1 and Varsity winning 6-0. Not only did both teams show amazing effort, but the fans did too! With a small crowd the fans watching the games were able to be heard from anywhere on the field, encouraging our Vikings on the field.

The JV team had a rough start, missing an open goal multiple times, but eventually they got it together and worked as a team. There are six Cavelero freshmen on JV: Liam McIntyre (Goalkeeper), Jeremiah Khamis (Goalkeeper), Daustin Khounphixay (Defense/Midfield), Caiden Ross (Midfield), Issac Machart (Forward/Midfield) and Sam Wolfe (Defense). Unfortunately during the first half of the game, Caiden Ross hyperextended his knee and was unable to play on throughout the game. Despite his injury, Ross continued to limp to the center of the field to highfive the other team after the game with the help of his  teammate Sam Wolfe. 

As the Varsity team started to warm up, some JV players decided to stay and support the Varsity team. Varsity has four of our Cavelero freshmen on the team: Lucas Mooring (Forward), Colby Flanders (Midfield), Xander Blair (Defense/Midfield) and George Meadows Morrice (Defense/Midfield). After dislocating his shoulder in the Vikings first game against Shorecrest, Lucas Mooring was not able to participate in the home opener game, but he did come watch, support, and cheer on both the JV and Varsity teams. 

Ferndale had two good teams with strong defensive lines but they did not communicate. Because of Ferndale’s lack of communication they tended to bunch up a lot causing there to be open pockets on the field. Our Vikings saw these open pockets as opportunities and scored through many of them. Not only did Ferndale have good defensive lines, but their Varsity goalie also had some amazing saves. Fortunately, our Forwards were no match for this goalie, but the goalie put in a great effort and can now learn from his mistakes. 

While soccer isn’t just about winning, winning is nice, and win or lose the main goal is to have fun. Of course winning is more fun but sometimes there are things out of your control like bad refs or the other team playing dirty. The refs during this match were decent and the other team didn’t play dirty, they just played disrespectfully by trying to use harder moves to get around our players and celebrating after nutmegging (kicking the ball in between the opposing teams legs) multiple of our players. Lucky for us, this didn’t matter because our JV and Varsity Vikings played as a team and did it well. For their second game in the regular season, the Vikings showed great sportsmanship and communication, two vital things for any soccer team. Not only did they have that, but they also had amazing skills. I hope, expect, and know that great things will come for our boys soccer teams this year. You can find the varsity game schedule here, and the JV game schedule here. If you have a chance you should go support our Boys soccer teams because they really are great.