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Bored in Fall? There’s No Such Thing!

Hannah Lawson
Pumpkins In Fall, Courtesy of 9th Grader Hannah Lawson

It’s the season of leaves falling, pumpkin-flavored everything, colder weather, autumn-scented candles, and apple cider. Every year during fall people always post pictures with that perfect autumn energy and the picture-perfect fall background. While you may think it would be impossible to find places like that near us, some areas live up to your autumn fantasies.

  During autumn when the weather is just right, when the leaves fall and turn a different color, it is impossible not to yearn for the perfect autumn outing. Even though you may not think it, that place is not far from home, here in our city. The possibilities are endless, from haunted houses and zombie paintball to apple cider doughnuts and pumpkin patches. One of these places is called Carleton Farms. It’s one of the best pumpkin patches you’ll find around here with its cider doughnuts, pickles, giant pumpkins, and farm-grown corn. This pumpkin patch has almost everything you could ever wish for, plus more! There are so many activities that you can choose from, a wide variety of animals to look at, hayrides, a corn maze, a paintball gallery, and so much more! Even if those things weren’t your preference there are still more things to do! This includes their Farm Market, selling whole-made dairy products, meats, vegetables, berries, fruits, pumpkins, and much more. Whether you’re looking for something refreshing or something tranquil you can find it at Carleton Farms.

The second place of interest is a place called Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm. This place, while it is known for its corn and pumpkins, has many surprises. While their main attractions include pumpkin patches and corn pickings they have an abundance of other activities. This includes their massive corn maze that is available at night to add an uncanny and thrilling element to the experience. Furthermore, an attraction there that also appeals to food enthusiasts is its assortment of homemade meals and treats. This includes foods like fudge, pizza, pulled pork, chicken strips, grilled corn, and much more. So whether you come for their bounty of food or their plentiful attractions you’ll find your making here and have a blast!

The last option isn’t for the faint of heart for it is frighteningly haunted. Inside Stalker Farms, there are many monsters and demonic creatures. This unique attraction has many unsettling storylines for you to follow along. For example, the Haunted Family that delights in feeding off of scared humans, The Slasher Family, or Pogo’s Funny Farm which is a field of corn that contains clowns that love fear and laughter. While there are some more attractions to check out, one unique one that stands out from the rest is the Toxic Blaster which allows you to become the predator instead of the prey! In this, you can defend yourself with firepower, what I mean by this is that the monsters that surround you hate the sound of metal being shot! So for those who prefer a scarier outing, this may be the perfect place for you at Stalker Farms.

Considering all this, hopefully, your fall season is filled with your autumn fantasies coming true. Whether you prefer pumpkin patches to haunted attractions or even just the food, hopefully, your autumn season will be filled with falling leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, colder weather, autumn-scented candles, and apple cider!

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Juliana Manley, Journalist
Hi, my name is Juliana I love writing about new upcoming topics that are important to my generation and also writing about topics that could one day impact our future. Some things that I like to do in my free time are playing tennis, baking, reading new books, and hanging out with friends. My favorite season is fall and my favorite holiday is Halloween because of how rainy and cozy it can be. I look forward to writing interesting pieces and reading other's articles. Thanks for reading!

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