Former president soon to be behind bars?

Trump 11/07/18

Trump 11/07/18

Judah Michaud, Journalist

Former president Donald J Trump is being faced with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. It’s not every day that a former president gets arrested with such a felonious crime in regards to his 2016 election.

(Trump, 5/10/23)

Trump allegedly falsified 34 business records in the first degree in order to keep his record clean for the 2016 election. Trump also disguised “hush money” as a monthly retainer to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in order to keep her from speaking up about a sexual encounter they had in the Lake Tahoe Hotel in 2006. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the controversy surrounding Donald Trump. From the years 1996-2020 Donald has been accused of over 18 instances of inappropriate and unsolicited behavior, involving groping, forcible kissing and sexual harassment. Though none of said allegations have incriminated him they do tarnish his image.

All of this could be very damaging for Donald Trump’s career as image is very important for a person seeking to be the potential president of the United States of America. These accusations could result in him losing a big chunk of the votes he had in the last two elections, maybe even costing him the presidency.


So far Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty for all accusations. This means legally he’ll have no issues running for president but he may find himself in some trouble when it comes to general probability of getting elected. This could be due to the fact that image and reputation play a big role in gaining votes which we have seen Donald Trump struggle with in the past.

We can expect the election to begin its takeoff in early October, around a month before the actual election. Where we’ll see Donald Trump, the leading republican candidate as well as, Nikki Hailey, former governor of south carolina, is second in line running.