What Cavelero students plan to do this summer!

What your fellow classmates plan to do this summer as well as reccomedations of what you can do to cure your summer bordem.


Chad Gre

Koen Knutson, Cruiz Frothingham, Hunter Anderson, Ted Kuhrau and Carson Brooks all pose as in their summer outfits.

Chad Greaby and Ellie Tredway

Summer is supposed to be fun and exciting, full of adventures to remember for years to come. But sometimes, summer can also be boring and uneventful due to a lack of creativity. In order to help cure the summer boredom that hits everyone at some point, here is what the students at Cavelero Mid High School plan to do this summer and possible recommendations for you to ensure that this summer is an awesome one. Of the 226 Cav students that responded these are the percentages for different activities:

Suiattle river

Water is always a great way to cool off on a hot summer day, especially as a community built around a lake. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the water, such as swimming; of the Cavelero Mid High students interviewed, 84% plan to swim over the summer. Just because you go to the lake doesn’t mean you have to jump in tanning on the beach or in the park is always a great option; 50% of Cav students are ready to get their summer tan on! 40% of students are ready to set sail lake bound for a fun time boating on Lake Stevens. As we get reeled into summertime with just a few days left, 31% of Cav students are ready to cast a line and catch a big one going fishing! While enjoying a nice boat ride is fun, some students prefer a faster way to get around the water. 22% are excited to break out the jet skis this summer! Who says you need to go fast on the water? 25% of the students at Cav say they wanna take it slow kayaking or canoeing. Whilst you’re on the boat why not inflate those inner tubes and hop on, that’s what 36% of students plan to do. So let’s catch some waves and have a fun summer with water.


Mountains in the Olympic National forest.

Going outside doesn’t always mean going to the water. Here are some other examples of how to have a great time in nature! Sometimes all we need to do is unplug a little and get away from the big cities. A great way to do that could be camping, which 71% of Cavelero students are excited to do this summer. As a region that is full of mountains, there are lots of activities to do in nature all year round. In summer, hiking reigns supreme, as 58% of students plan to take a hike over summer break. From planting daisies and watching them grow to planting fresh blueberries, gardening is always a good option this summer. 32% of students plan to start a garden of their own. The bike was invented in 1817 by Karl… that’s the whole sentence, just wanted to inform you about that, 17% of students plan to ride one on the mountains or trails. Some bikers just have a need for speed and one way they can do that is via motocross or dirt biking 20% of students plan to do so. Whatever you are doing outdoors this summer make sure to use sunscreen.

You don’t just have to do social things this summer to have fun, and you don’t have to do exciting things everyday to have a fun summer. Not only are there plenty of exciting independent activities you can do, there are also some lowkey ones such as watching TV or, as 78% students selected, listening to music. On the category of music, 15% of students said that they write music, so if you’ve always loved music, maybe try writing some and join these accomplished music writers in our school. Not only do we have talented music writers, we also have talented seamstresses at our school, which consists of 9% of Cavelero students. 25% of students are participating in summer clubs and/or camps which are a great way to stay busy if you have nothing planned already. One great example of a club students can join is summer running. Ran through the highschool, during summer running students meet up 2 times a week in the morning and go on multi-mile runs earlier in the morning. 17% of students enjoy crafting during their free time which is a great way to release creativity while alone. 41% of students are focusing on self care, and a whopping 72% of students are sleeping. There are plenty of ways to have fun while alone and these are just a few.

Alex Escalante waves to the crowd while playing lacrosee.

What brings everyone together, a language fluent in all others, pure joy felt by billions of people around the world… Sports! While you may not always be playing your sport as they say the grind dont stop 41% of students plan to hit the gym this summer and lift some weights. Working out doesn’t always have to mean lifting heavy weights, 32% of students plan to do some kind of body weight workouts over the summer. What are some of the most popular summer sports at Cav you may be wondering? Swimming takes the cake, 34% of students are back to the water. Running of any kind is always a great way to stay in shape and outdoors; 33% of students are ready to run. Volleyball in the sun is always fun! 32% of students could not agree more. No matter your sport, it’s good to be competitive and have fun as much as you can.


Avery Jensvold, Sadie Barred, and Sam McNamee dress up like it summer and prepare to have a summer of fun and freinds.

Students not only have fun while alone during summer, but they also have fun with their friends and family, whether it be watching movies wh 72% of students plan to do. 68% of students are planning to  bust out their sleeping bags and spend the night at their friends’ houses. 75% of students plan to just “hang out” and enjoy eachothers company. 34% of students plan to have picnics, and 11% of students plan to have tea parties. You’re never too old for a tea party! 50% of students are going to game online with their friends and 53% of students plan to play sports with their friends. Both are great ways to stay in touch and in shape. 25% of students plan to sing karaoke with their friends which is an efficient   way to have a good laugh.

Taken by a student on their way to Idaho the summer of 2022.


A lot of students plan to travel during the summer since there is no school to worry about. Students and their families/friends are traveling mainly by car and plane, but some are also traveling by boat whether it be a short cruise across the sound or a fairy taking students somewhere far. The most common in state place people are traveling is Lake Chelan, where students tend to drive to. A lot of students also plan to drive and fly to California. One student, Mia Harris, plans to go to Cali for a lacrosse tournament. Good luck Mia! Students also plan to go to Oregon, Kansas, Idaho, and many other states but these are the most common. Another common state is Florida, which some students will be traveling to so they can compete in the Microsoft Office Specialist National Championship. Some students also plan to travel out of the country including Hawaii, Mexico, Africa, and Costa Rica most by plane.

To have a fun summer you don’t have to go swimming, you don’t have to travel to Hawaii, you just have to do what you deem as fun. Maybe you enjoy preparing for the next school year by studying, 

maybe you enjoy singing. Whatever it may be, do what makes you happy and make this the best summer yet.

Have great summer Colts and Families!