A Day in the Life of a TSA Agent

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  • A photo of Paine Field Airport with some festive decorations (4:40 AM PST on December 5th, 2022) (Nara Mapp).

  • A small lounging area available to the public in Paine Field Airport (4:45 AM PST, December 5th, 2022) (Nara Mapp).

  • Meanwhile, aviation maintenance technicians (AMT) de-ice a frozen Alaska Boeing plane with a high-pressured glycol spray (9:06 AM PST, December 5th, 2022) (Nara Mapp).

  • While private-screening a passenger, and scanning their pet carrier through an X-Ray machine, TSA Agent Beatriz Mapp photographed this cat with thumbs (11:16 AM PST, December 5th, 2022) (Nara Mapp).

  • Beatriz Mapp instructs an older passenger about going through the walk-through metal detector (Nara Mapp).

  • Beatriz Mapp looks through the woman’s bag for dangerous items (knives, guns) through an X-Ray machine (December 5th, 11:17 AM) (Nara Mapp).

  • During the carry-on bag scanning, a firearm was discovered (located in the bottom right corner) on December 5th, 2022 (Nara Mapp).

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TSA, also known as Transportation Security Administration, was established in 2001 after the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001 to prevent any and all future attacks. The slideshow will show the daily routine and experiences of Beatriz Mapp, my mother, who has been working as a TSA agent for nearly four years (all photo credits go to her!).
* Some parts of her routine will not be shown due to private security purposes.